Retirement and Appreciation Letter

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When someone has invested a major part of their time, their energy, talents, hopes, dreams and adult life in a job, career, or paid activity, they rightly expect due acknowledgement of their contribution when they retire. Some organizations have parties, with presents and speeches, and with current and former colleagues attending. In very large organizations, perhaps there will also be a letter from the chief executive officer or chairman. These letters may well become keepsakes for the recipients; proof that he or she had a worthwhile and successful career, something they can show their children and grandchildren.

For this reason, writing such lettters should never be routine. There may be a basic formula in large organizations – a guide letter – but each one should be personalized as much as possible. This may mean a modicum of research, but spending a few minutes in this way credits the writer as well as the recipient. Letters of appreciation are also appropriate when someone is tiring after working in a voluntary capacity, perhaps on a committee or in an active role. Again, such letters become part of people’s tributes, things they look back on in later life with pride, part of their life’s achievements.

It may also be that, for a younger person, a letter of appreciation is something they can show as part of their application for another voluntary post or a paid job.


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The time has come to leave. Maybe you have found another job with better pay, or you may be taking time out to review your life and career.

You are not required to explain the reasons for leaving, although most bosses will ask for an explanation, if only to confirm that there aren’t any problems or issues that they are not aware of. It may be that you have gained a better paid, more elevated job or you and your family are moving to another part of the country. In this instance, you may be sorry to be leaving your current employment. If you have enjoyed working for the organization and feel you have learned and benefited from employment there, it does no harm to say so. You may have the opportunity to work for them again at some future point, or with former bosses or colleagues who may themselves move on to new posts in different companies.

People sometimes seize up at writing this kind of letter and worry about the correct terminology. In fact, there is no need to resort to flowery, legalistic language in your letter. You do not have to ‘tender’ your resignation, or ‘hereby’ give notice. You can keep it very simple and write: ‘I wish to resign from my post as (job title), and give you the required on month’s notice.’

The company will probably acknowledge the resignation, either by letter or email, which also fulfils the legal requirement.

Resignation Letter Sample – Introduction

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Accepting a position with another company, job dissatisfaction, and retirement may call for a letter of resignation. Often such a letter documents an event that has been expected or discussed by all parties. A single sentence may suffice:

Please accept my resignation, effective November 1, 2015.

You may also want to include information or express sentiments beyond such a bare-bones statement. Let you intention determine the tone and content.

Make your letter friendly if you wish to maintain strong ties with the company you are leaving. Even if your aim is to document grievances, an objective tone is advisable.

Resignation Letter Sample – Welcome

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Creating a resignation letter is simple, all you have to do is to download a resignation letter sample template from the collection and modify or change accordingly to your needs.

A resignation letter have to be short and precise. You don’t really need to write about why you’re leaving the company, you can be straight to the point, by just stating the date you are leaving.

There’s a few collection of resignation letter sample we provide, so be sure to choose the correct template wisely!